Crafty Cooks Catering Terms & Conditions

1. Bookings will be considered tentative until a deposit has been paid and will be held, without obligation, for a period of two (2) weeks only. Crafty Cooks Catering reserves the right to cancel an unconfirmed booking without notice and reallocate the date to other enquiries.


2. Confirmation of a booking occurs on receipt of a 50% deposit payment and a reciept of email agreement/ terms and conditions. Payment of a deposit is acceptance of these terms & conditions. If function is paid in full within 48 hours of initial invoice, Crafty Cooks Catering will provide extra goods and/or services for your function at no cost, based on the size of your function. All extras are at Crafty Cooks Catering's discretion and may include such options as free hire of Soft Serve Ice Cream or Slushy machines or free extra food such as trays of appetisers or desserts.


3. A guaranteed minimum number of guests attending your function must be received 1 week (7 days) prior to the date of your function. Numbers may increase prior to the day of your event but must be confirmed with us.


4. After the price and minimum number of guests for your function have been agreed upon, no discount will be provided in the event of guest cancellations.

5. The remaining 50% of payment is required seven (7) clear working days prior to your event. The remaining balance (Staff, Hire, Breakages, Missing, Soiled Items, etc) will be invoiced after the event. This balance is to be paid strictly within 7 days. Crafty Cooks Catering accepts the following methods of payment:


  • Bpay via bank transfer

  • PayPal

  • Cash

  • Bank Deposit

  • Credit Card


6. With the exception of Celebration Cakes, no food of any kind will be permitted to be bought in for consumption at the function by the organiser or the organiser’s guests. Any food not supplied by Crafty Cooks Catering is subject to #13 of our Terms and Conditions, regarding the misuse/mishandling/consumption of foodstuffs.


7. Organisers of functions with less than 100 attendees must be aware that there are minimum costs for functions held on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday’s and a surcharge of between 5% & 15% on total costs may apply depending on the function package selected.


8. Crafty Cooks Catering is not a Licensed Liquor Provider. You may provide your own beverages for our Drinks Crew to serve. Crafty Cooks Catering Crew WILL NOT serve alcohol to guests under the age of eighteen (18) years or guests who, in our opinion, appear intoxicated, in any situation.


9. The Function Organiser is financially responsible for any damage sustained to the Venue or Function Centre and / or surrounding grounds by the Organiser, Organiser’s Guests, Invitees or any other persons attending the function whether in the function room or any other part of the Venue.


10. Crafty Cooks Catering does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of any item or goods left at any Venue prior to, during or after any function.


11. Hire Equipment will only be organised at the discretion of Crafty Cooks Catering Function Coordinator. If Hire is organised, the following conditions apply:


  • Should hire equipment not be available for collection by Crafty Cooks Catering at the agreed upon time, additional collection fees will apply.

  • Hire equipment must be cleaned before being returned to, or collected by, Crafty Cooks Catering otherwise additional cleaning fees will apply.

  • Crafty Cooks Catering will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to any person, property, animal or item arising from the carriage, use or handling of equipment hired. Responsibility of any such damage or loss is the sole responsibility of the hirer & function organiser.


12. Crafty Cooks Catering will wash (if practical) and box all hired goods ready for collection on the next working day. The kitchen will be left in a clean & tidy state. If Crafty Cooks Catering is to leave the venue prior to the guests, it will be the function organiser / hirer’s responsibility to stack chairs, fold tables, and wash any remaining equipment ready for the hire company to collect. Please note that ‘Clean Up’ refers to that associated with Food & Beverage Catering.


13. Crafty Cooks Catering will not be liable for any health issues, loss or damage arising from the misuse / mishandling and / or the consumption of foodstuffs left over by any person or animal after the function and the organiser will indemnify Crafty Cooks Catering for any such health issue, loss or damage. Crafty Cooks Catering would prefer to remove all leftover food at the end of the function to be safely disposed of.


14. Hirer accepts responsibility for any equipment hired from Crafty Cooks Catering. Hirer must pay for the repair or replacement (at Craft Cooks Catering’s discretion) of any equipment that has been damaged or broken during its hire.


15. Delivery & Pickup fees may be charged depending on the function venue. Please ask us for further information.


16. If a function is cancelled within 14 days of the function date Crafty Cooks Catering reserves the right to keep the 50% deposit initially paid.


17. Crafty Cooks Catering can provide fully uniformed, experienced & professional staff for all function types at an hourly rate. A minimum of three (3) hours per staff member applies.


18. Crafty Cooks Catering is proud of the quality and flavour of the food it prepares. Because of this, condiments such as dipping sauces, salt and pepper are only provided with certain dishes. If you require specific condiments (such as salt or pepper) they must be arranged when booking your function or no later than three (3) business days prior to your function date. Extra charges will apply if condiments are not included in the initial booking.


19. Due to safety and hygiene concerns, only Crafty Cooks Catering staff is allowed in any kitchen facilities during food preparation, cooking, service and clean down. Barring an emergency situation, kitchen facilities are restricted unless approved by Crafty Cooks Catering staff.


20. Crafty Cooks Catering is not responsible for the washing or cleaning of cutlery, crockery or any other items unless they were supplied by Crafty Cooks Catering. If access to kitchen facilities is required for this it must be when Crafty Cooks Catering has finished with these facilities, or if Crafty Cooks Catering provides access and it does not interfere with food production or catering duties.


21. Crafty Cooks Catering provides a catering service with the understanding that the function venue has basic kitchen facilities, including but not limited to, hot running water, a working oven and access to multiple electrical outlets in the kitchen. In the event that these facilities are not available and Crafty Cooks Catering must provide them in the form of our Mobile Catering Service, additional fees will apply.


22. If notice is not provided at least 72 hours prior to a function date that acceptable facilities are not available, Crafty Cooks Catering reserves the right to cancel its services due to being unable to prepare and provide food. Deposits are non-refundable in these circumstances.